The Illusionist

They come to me every night, these dreams

My recollection as vivid as it gets

I bite on my upper lip and brace myself for another episode

Last night we tried some raw oysters

You took me by the hand at intervals drawing me closer only to whisper vague obscenity coupled with lecherous expressions

For my eyes only

It drizzled all night, but we chose to walk in the rain

It felt surreal

I led you to the shore of the beach

There, waiting, was a table laid out for two

A dimly lit lamp of bright yellow reflections sat in the middle of the table

You spun into my arms

Eyes Like Sky

We dug into our plates while the waves swept over our feet

I cast a quick glimpse at the sea, the seemingly endless body of vast mystery

Bare bodies divest of robe shared the rest of the night in heated passion, as the moonlight in its full embodiment cast glorious reflections on our skin

One more time